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Cliff jumping in Las Grietas

Las Grietas is a lava rock fissure that has created a series of narrow crevices full of crystal clear water. Snorkeling in Las Grietas was one of our favorite things to do in Puerto Ayora.

Las Grietas is a place to swim between two high cliffs in chilly ocean waters, where the earth opened like a "crack" or "crevasse." To get to this amazing place from Puerto Ayora, visitors need to take a speed boat taxi (60 cents) from the main dock in front of the park and volleyball courts to the "otro lado." From here, follow the signs to the hotel in Finch Bay. With the ocean on your left and the Finch Bay Hotel on your right, continue along a rocky wall to the very end where you will find a path that leads to the right side. From here, you follow a 15-minute trail starting from the sandy and rocky side. 

Local people may often be seen jumping from various levels of the cliff, but this isn’t recommended, as the area where you need to land your jump is quite specific. Use caution and always check how and where others are jumping from before you take a flying leap!




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