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Lava River Cave

This is a really cool short hike you can do just north of Flagstaff. It is an old lava tube from around 700,000 years ago that has since dried up and left about a .75 mile hike from the beginning of the cave until the end. The cave can be damp or wet so I would suggest bringing boots or shoes with a good grip on them. The best part about this is that it is around 40 degrees inside the tube year round. So, if you are trying to escape the Arizona heat in the summer, this is the perfect hike to go on. In order to get to the cave you have to go on service roads that can be closed due to snow or bad weather, so look at the weather report before going. You have to bring a light source with you even in the middle of the day because it is a cave. This sounds like common sense but many people go their and forget a flashlight or head torch and cant walk through the cave. It is recommended to bring two sources of light just in case one burns out or gets broken. There is both dispersed camping and campsites within a ten minute drive of the tube in case you want to make it an over night trip.   Remember to bring flashlights!!!!!! Hope you enjoy


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