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Lüner lake

The colours of the lake are fantastic, no photoshop is needed to make the lake as greenish as one would want. The biggest city near the Lünersee Lake is Bludenz. Continue the road to the town called Brand and then drive all the way up to the place called Schattenlagand. There is (as usual) a cable car available with the ticket cost of ca. 8 EUR one way. Please note, the cable car operates until mid of October only. If you want to sweat a bit, then check out the next section about the hiking possibilities.The Lüner Lake is a well accessible lake with an incredibly picturesque scenery. We visited the lake in the beginning of October which was probably already a bit too late due to all the freezing cold and snow. However, try not to go there in the middle of the summer as it gets very crowded. Put it on your bucket list for September or April, let's say. To sum up, this lake is one of the spots in the Austrian mountains you should visit asap, no doubt.


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