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Lyžiarske stredisko Roháče - Spálená

Awesome piece of land. Hiking on the top of the mountains was unforgettable with beautifull views on whole Slovakia and Poland. The location and stylish amenities of the hotel, the surrounding countryside and the quality of the 

services provided in the area of ​​accommodation and gastronomy guarantee the satisfaction of our 

visitors. It is ideal for recreational stays, but also for business meetings, 

corporate meetings, social events and family celebrations.


Cross-country Skiing Cross-country Skiing
Hike Hike


Bike Parking Bike Parking
Child Friendly Child Friendly
Lodge Nearby Lodge Nearby
Restrooms Restrooms

Live Weather

Temprature NOW: 1.39°C
Temprature Maximum: 3.04°C
wind Wind: 2.99
Humidity Humidity: 99%
Pressure Pressure: 1009(mb)
sunrise sunrise: 2023-12-11 06:26:18
sunset sunset: 2023-12-11 14:43:07

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