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Macocha Abyss

It's more than 138 m deep and the more massive gorge in the Czech Republic and even Central Europe. The Abyss of Macocha is famous. This unique nature has a height of about 174 m and a width of 76 m. On the outskirts, there are two tourist platforms. The first is the 1882 Upper Bridge. The second, called Lower Bridge, is a little lower. This lower bridge was built in 1899, and the Macocha is about 92 m above the ground. A widowed stepmother lived with her stepson, according to local legend. She remarried and had her son as time passed by.  With no desire to compete between the kids, she asked her stepson to go with her in the forest to collect berries. The stepmother lured him to the edge of the throat and told him that it was the best berries. Then she thrust him into a bottomless pit. 

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