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Maijishan Grottoes


The Maijishan Grottoes, formerly romanized as Maichishan, is a series of 194 caves cut in the side of the hill of Majishan in Tianshui, Gansu Province, northwest China. About a three and a half hour drive. Although you can decide to stay in one of the many small inns locally. Found quite an impressive array of Bhuddist statues dating back over 1500 years carved in the rock face and in grottos along the face of the mountain overlooking the old Silk Road. Elevation 1762m so there was a nice sprinkling of snow around. Access was through an array of platforms and walkways so we managed to see most of the grottos close up. Not sure about summer time but there were only Chinese guides. Not to worry though as English writing is on all the exhibits. A very peaceful place and worth a visit if you are in the region. Best to get there with a tour or private car. Small buses take you up the mountain from the ticket office.


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