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Merikhi-mountain-Nehbandan, Iran

True explorers and adventurers must visit the incredible landscapes of Iran. After spending a couple of days in the unique coastal city of Chabahar, hiking in The Kuh-e Merikhi (Martian Mountain or Mars Mountain is an absolute must for everyone who wants to discover the otherworldly beauty of this mountain range. Shaped by winds and rains many years ago, Merihki Mountain consists of wavy formations of red, white, gray soil that resemble the ones on planet Mars. This beautiful yet unexplored landscape is a true gem that nobody talks about or goes to visit. The number of tourists here is low, only because the mass media doesn't pay attention to this spectacular area. 

The slopes have different sizes that vary between 16 ft and 330 ft. These mountains are actually considered as badlands and their awe-inspiring appearance is will make you feel like walking in a dream. One of the most interesting things about these mountains is that they still keep fossils of prehistoric sea creatures in their soil. When standing on the top, you can get astonishing views of a pink-shade ocean which will confuse your eyes and leave you breathless. 

The best time to visit this place is morning or evening, as there is no shade to hide from the burning sun. This part of Iran is probably the most intriguing and with most beautiful landscapes when it comes to unique spot exploration. If you feel like you need a change in life and you want to make something different than everybody else, then get out of your comfort zone and visit a country like Iran and explore its extraordinary beauty. There are only a few safe and remote locations on earth that nobody goes to, and it's about a time to get discovered by adventure tourists. Make a difference, visit  Kuh-e Merikhi Mountains.



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