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Mondos Beach Surfing

This is a great spot for beginning surfers. 

This is a real nice place to surf. The break is gentle and rolls in and sometimes reforms, so it is great for longboards. The atmosphere and friendliness of local surfers here is better than anywhere else and this is a great beginner spot to surf; granted, it is up there and way up, just north of Ventura.

It is worth the drive though and parking is free just off PCH next the railroad tracks. Be warned, you cannot park here prior to 7am. So if you are here for a dawn patrol be ready to move the car if the park rangers are ticketing. Also, during parts of the year, their are many rocks on entry and exit so booties can be a must here for beginning surfers. How to get there:  Keep driving NW (north on PCH) until you reach a distinct white bicycle set up as a memorial to a fallen rider/surfer and you have arrived. As far as the below reviews about the steep rocks, this is true but there is a concrete step like path down next to the chain link fence next to the 1st residential house at the beginning of this spot. See my photos and it is just left of the photos.


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