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Walk on Monteverde Hanging Bridge

Monteverdi is one of the most famous places in Costa Rica; its fame stems from the cloud forest filled with all kinds of plant and animal life forms. It has some of the longest and most exciting suspension bridges and zip lines in all of Costa Rica. 

One of the best activities to partake in is skywalking on the suspension bridges. For those that love tree climbing, you can recapture the feeling and get the opportunity to go to very higher altitudes than you have ever done when you take a skywalk through the rainforest of Monteverdi. The skywalk is a great way to explore the cloud forest. 

Cutting across canyons and drainages these bridges provide the visitors the opportunity to come face to face with the forest canopy of Montenegro. There are about 6 of these bridges in all; these bridges have considerable length with some being as long as 500 ft. and as tall as 200ft, however, the longest is about 984 feet. 

With a trail extending for over a mile and a half (2.5km), the tour can easily be carried out by anyone who is in moderate shape. The climbs are made in such a way that it is not too strenuous and the trails are generally flat and well maintained. 

The tours are set to last for approximately two to three hours starting from 7:30 AM, 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM. And each group consists only a maximum of ten persons.

Feel nature in its raw form with the bio divers’ forest that this environment provides as the suspension bridges give you access to a new level of experience which you have never seen before. The upper level of the forest canopy provides an ecosystem that houses some 90%of all cloud forest organisms hence you can breathe in the freshest of air and observe wide life in this environment usually kept back for a biologist. 

Because of the of the thick vegetative cover, sunlight is very strong at the top with little or no sunlight getting to the bottom of the forest hence forcing various trees such as climbers and animals to gear towards the forest canopy in their hunt for sunlight and food respectively. Another advantage of these suspension bridges is that it does not only allow one to peer into the top of the forest, but also allow one access to vegetated canyons below.

Biologist and zoologist would find Montverde interesting because it also possesses its unique flora. These plants mostly are adapted specially to be able to obtain moisture from Epiphytes (plants that live on trees in order to reach the sunlight) which are numerous in the forest, however even though these plants live on trees, they are not parasitic but rather feed on tiny nutrient and dust that accumulate around their roots. 

Finally, Costa Rica is home to over 1,400 species of orchids, almost all of them epiphytes with other epiphytes including bromeliads and makes up one of the most complex ecosystems in the world. For those that are biologists, zoologist or just nature lovers, this place is a place you won’t want to miss as you are sure to be intrigued by the awesome view this place provides and the best way to see this unique complex life up close is by taking a skywalk. 



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