AWAYN IMAGE Moraine Lake
AWAYN IMAGE Moraine Lake
AWAYN IMAGE Moraine Lake

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I definitely left a piece of my heart at lake moraine. It was an overcast Day when we went and not very crowded. We climbed up the rocks at the entrance of the lake which was really awesome but kind of scary and saw even more beauty from the top. There's a cool trail that wraps around to the part of the lake where the waters coming in, it's magical. We spent about five hours there hanging out on the lake and walking slowly on the trail. People were coming in and out passing us going in going and out. I could've stayed there longer had it not been getting dark. I would love to see it on a sunny day, but it was cool to see the overcast version, the clouds and the glacier with the waterfalls and the trees was Magical. We saw some random wildlife too. We were the last to leave which is common. Ha. This whole area is a bucket list destination if you enjoy adventure and scenic beauty. I miss you Alberta.

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