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Surfing at the Morro Bay beach

Morro Bay is a nice not crowded beach ( came in mid winter). Hundreds of unbroken sand dollars. Awesome sand. Found beautiful rocks and broken shell pieces. Good view of Morro Rock. Seagulls are there all the time. Very easy access. No charge. Further up is a area to camp. Bathrooms are scattered along. Good for a nice weekend getaway or even for a night. Park your car and notice the seals laying lazily amid the shore or perhaps swimming playfully out in the bay while varying types of birds are coming and going from the rock down to the beach and back. The waters are mostly peaceful, but as you walk you'll make it down the rocky steps to the small beach area where the serenity gives way to noisy little waves. Head out on a trail of rocks that blocks you from the ocean, and see waves that become larger and more threatening, pounding the wall that separates it from the beach and at times splashing lots of cold foamy water over the edge. Be careful how far out you venture here to catch a slap from Mother Nature's powerful hand. Now turn around and look back at that imposingly silent rock and take a selfie or try and snap a pic of it all. Morro Rock may not look so impressive on picture but it'll be a good memory for you down the road. If you are there for surfing then it's good to know that the swelling is S to N.Good, powerful beachbreak when big; fast and fun when small. Long, mushy lefts off the Rock. This consistent and reliable, W-facing swell-catcher attracts a crowd, however there’s lots of room northward to spread out. Can be good on any tide. The entrance to Morro Bay can produce some waves in larger swells and the South Jetty beachbreaks are popular during smaller swells.


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