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Nevada Falls via the Mist Trail

Absolutely incredible hike; might be my favorite anywhere. You're able to hike up alongside and get super close to two massive waterfalls, and the view at the top of both Vernal and Nevada Falls is amazing. The Silver Apron waterslide between Vernal and Nevada is awesome as well. Best time to go is late spring/early summer when the falls are at peak flow. I recommend hiking up the Mist Trail to the top of Nevada Falls, then coming down the John Muir Trail part way for a spectacular view of Half Dome, Liberty Cap, and Nevada Falls. There is a spur trail at Clark Point on the JMT that takes you back down to the top of Vernal and the Mist Trail; this route is steeper and you'll get wet a second time, but the scenery is infinitely superior to the walk through the woods on the Muir Trail. The wet rock stairs of the Mist Trail were also not as slippery as I expected; the footing is surprisingly good if you step with care. Descending the paved sand-covered Muir Trail is more dangerous imo than the footing coming down the Mist. There's also a great overlook of Vernal from high above the falls on that Clark Point spur trail. However you go, this hike is an absolute must in Yosemite. It's crowded for a reason


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