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Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

This park is an awesome leisure 4mi walk around nature. It's only a $3 entrance fee for the entire group that you're with and there's a huge parking lot located directly outside of the visitors center, free parking. The trail itself is a bit worn but definitely still very nice and manageable/safe to walk on. The majority of the trails are paved with wood planks. And some areas are otherwise gravel paths, but then it turns into a boardwalk type ground. When you're actually walking around the trail, you do have to look for animals and there are pictures along the trail that explains what animals should be in that area, so you know what to lookout for. When we went, there was no smelly terrible odor in the air which was great. Not sure if the trail ever smells bad, but our trip just so happened to be an odor-free walk! At one point, we got a bit turned around but then we kept walking and realized that pretty much everything leads back to the main visitors parking lot area, so that was good to know.


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