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Olon Ecuador

Olón is a small town on the Ecuadorian Coast where most of the people live of fishing and seafood restaurants. A couple of years ago, it didn’t even appear on the map, and it’s still not part of the regular itineraries of most of the travelers. People only come to Olón if a local recommends it or if they someone who was here before. 

However, this town has one of the most beautiful beaches on the Ecuadorian Coast, and some even say on the Pacific Ocean. A wide stretch of glittering white sand between the coconut palms and the Pacific, the town is a peaceful and eco-friendly community where you can try the amazing ceviche (a traditional dish with seafood cooked in lime juice, with onion, tomatoes, and cilantro). 

The beach is long and connects six other towns up north. Besides being an affordable and exotic vacation spot, Olón is also locally-famous for the perfect swells and surfing opportunities. The central part of the beach is lined with bamboo restaurants that serve fresh food until 6 PM. If you’re in a mood to help the fishermen push the small boats out of the water, you will be rewarded with a pound of fresh shrimp or tuna. 

On the other side of the town, crossing the main road, there is a totally different ecosystem with lush greenery and jungle plants. Hidden paths that lead to waterfalls, giant trees, viewpoints, and freshwater swimming holes. 

Our town has sunsets that you only see in romantic movies, and the water is good for swimming throughout the year, except when it rains and jellyfish gets washed near the shore. 

Olón has it all! Sandy beach, excellent food, kind people, biodiversity, hiking trails, and waterfalls. 

One of the landmarks of the town is the orphanage and sanctuary at the top of the hill, with the most spectacular whale-watching view!



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