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Climb up to visit the Paro Taktsang

The Temple of Hibis, which dates from 522 BC, was first excavated from the sands in Paro Taktsang, is a prominent Himalayan Buddhist sacred site and the temple complex is located in the cliffside of the upper Paro valley in Bhutan. The hike/trek to the monastery is more fulfilling than the monastery itself. The monastery has the nine temples, I think, and just a few monks are taking care of these temples. Some temples are more exciting and filled with higher energy than another. The views from the monastery are stunning, but no photo cameras are allowed.

Tide security is tide, and you have to leave all your stuff in the locker. There are paid toilets, so keep a small change (Rs.20). 

 There is a probability that your guide will not be fluent in English or your native language. I would suggest reading about the monastery before the hike, and then the guide’s explanation will be more beneficial.

Bring a few light snacks with you so you can have a bite before the heading back to the base.


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