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Relaxing hike to Patrick's Point State Park

A beautiful place to stop and take in some amazing views just off one of the parking areas! If you have time, there are several hiking trails available. Camp a few nights to explore all the neighboring redwoods and beaches. Start by visiting the well stocked and displayed visitor center. Get your free maps and books on the area. Spend an afternoon hike down to Agate Beach to collect rocks. The agate are white translucent gems. You are allow to take home as souvenirs. Hike down to Palmer's Beach at low tide for sea stars and anemones; Mussel Rocks for the beautiful view and rock formations. Closer to camp walk through the tribal village display of Yurok's houses, sweat lodge, and ceremonial areas and the nearby tribal gardens with markers of native medicinal, ceremonial and basketry plants. Another day to drive up to Elk Prairie to see Roosevelt elks and many spectacular hiking trails among the redwoods in the Redwood National Forest along Newton Drury Scenic Highway. Splurge at Larrupin Cafe a couple of miles south along Patrick's Point Dr. to top off your memorable vacation.


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