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Walk in The Lost Gardens of Heligan

 Heligan's Lost Gardens,is the world-famous restored fertile gardens and fields of enjoyment based in Cornwall, England.  Heligan, the Tremayne family's residence for over 400 years, is one of England's most rare and picturesque properties. It has been lost for centuries as a real hidden garden; its past has consigned itself to overgrowth.

This is a more of a Spring attraction. There is a surprise around each corner. Different types of gardens for all to enjoy and an area for children to play on.

You definitely will need your walking shoes (unlike the people we saw in flip flops!), some steeper hills but you can choose your own shorter or longer routes. It is all outdoor so unless you like a wet hike, best to go when drier. Again, if you book online, you can go any time, initially, within 28 days.


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