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Kayaking on the Hudson River (Downtown Boathouse)

  Yep! Free!! This is a great place to know about once you discover it. It's hardly a secret anymore, and yet it's still the best-kept secret on the Hudson River. This is a volunteer-run group which allows people to get into the water for FREE. It is a very limited area which you can explore, but it is a lot of fun especially on hot days. The boathouse will provide you everything you need as well as a quick lesson. The boathouse also provides lockers for your items, as well as life vests. I would definitely recommend bringing a change of clothes between sweating and the water in the kayak. Also, please donate! This is completely free because of donations and volunteer workers.   2017 Free Kayaking Season - Pier 26 Weekends & Holidays: May/20 to Oct/09, 9am to 5pm Tue/Wed/Thu Evenings: Jun/20 to Sep/14, 5pm to 7:30pm


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