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Explore Pitigliano Centro Storico

If you’re after an incredible day trip to a vigorous yet picturesque town in Tuscany, Pitigliano is for you. A beautiful place, with a great view of the city itself and surroundings, lots of choice for food and a real Italian feel. Pitigliano is the place were Jews and Christians lived together here for hundreds of years. When the Nazis came, nearly all of the Jews of Pitigliano were hidden by their Christian neighbors. 

Once enter the town you enter the maze of narrow streets that make up the village of Pitigliano. This can be seen above all if viewed from above, going up (outside the town), towards the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie.village-pitigliano.

We realize that Pitigliano is shaped around 3 main streets, almost parallel, connected by sixty lanes. And it is in these alleys that one can find the wonder of this village: portals, stone staircases, windows, ancient coats of arms, frames, flowering plants, dozing cats, create a medieval panorama stopped in time.  

The shops follow one another and some also have access to the other Pitigliano: the underground. 

In the historic center the Jewish Ghetto is worth a visit, to which an important part of the history of Pitigliano is linked. The Kosher bakery, a few steps away, has excellent bread and cakes. It is worth stopping to see if you are passing through.


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