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Walking / Hiking around Plitvice Lakes National Park

This area has always attracted nature lovers, and Croatia's first national park was declared as early as 8 April 1949. The process of tufa formation, resulting in the construction of barriers to tufa or travertine and resulting in the creation of lakes, is the outstanding universal value for which the Plitvice Lakes were recognized internationally on 26 October 1979 with their inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Looking for the best way to enjoy the park? I recommend taking a train (or bus?) ride to the top level of the lakes and then walking down. The ride is free. This gives you the opportunity to walk about 9 km through the entire length of the park. 

Those who don't have the entire day may take a boat ride on the ground level to cross the first lake (ride included in the ticket). Get down on the other side and walk upwards, cover three-four lake levels, and get down to the same point to take a boat back.

Buy water and snacks at the park entrance. There are no indoor shops. 

My visit was a wet cloudy day in the summer, but soon it was sunshine and had fantastic photographs all day long. Plitvice summer may require light woolen cloths for people from lower latitudes.

The high season ticket for 1 day for an adult is 250 HRK (~34 EUR). You can go after August (off season) or get a 2-day ticket to save on your Plitvice lakes tickets. If you are a student, don't forget to take your student ID (your entrance is HRK 160 or EUR 22 in this case).

If you want to discover this UNESCO World Heritage Site with an expert guide, it is about EUR 100 for a group of up to 50 people (good deal!) Note that your ticket includes all the transportation INSIDE the park. There are ferries and a small train to take you from one side to the other of the park.

 The food is not included, however, at station points there are plenty of restaurants where you can get a full meal or a snack.

You can also take sandwiches with you and arrange a nice picnic with a fantastic view of the lakes! Watch out for geese and ducks, they're going to want some of your lunch! 

Stunning park and water ways. Great walk through the Bush. Good pathways. Take care on the boardwalks


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