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Hike to the top of Psiloritis from Nida Plateau

We drove from Anogia to Nida Plateau and the road is paved, in good condition but windy and slow to drive. In Nida Plateau there is lots of free parking space and a taverna to enjoy refresments and food. The landscape becomes different and you can see sheep and goats' shelters made totally of stones (they actually look like a pile of stones with a small hole as a door on the front and are called "Mitata"). In the end you reach a flat area, which seems to be cultivated till now, while you can visit Ideon Andron, too, which is supposed to be the place where Dias was born. The hike is very hike and you need hiking boots, enough water and take a windproof jacket with you. I didn´t have poles with me but at summer time they would be a good addition. You don´t need any climbing gear or prior mountaineering experience when walking on this specific route.


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