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Puerto Escondido

A couple of miles north of the fishing village of La Rinconada, on the Pacific Coast in Ecuador, there is a secret path that only the local people know about. When talking about hidden gems, this one is definitely one of the most hidden paradise spots that you can only see in movies. It not a touristic spot at all, it is visited only by locals (very rarely), and they call it Puerto Escondido. You won’t find it on the map, but you can locate it somewhere between the towns of La Rinconada and Ayampe. 

However, when getting off the bus on the main road, on the left side there is a wooden fence of abandoned property with a gap in it. Passing the gate, there is a lush green hill opening towards the ocean that you need to hike down. When reaching the bottom, you will enter into a humid, dark, and muddy rainforest, full of giant trees, birds, monkeys, and even snakes. 

After passing this section of the trail, you will finally reach the edge of the hill from where you can enjoy the beauties of the Pacific. Looking to the tight, there is an extremely narrow canyon, with a piece of wood connecting the two sides. The improvised bridge can be successfully crossed with a lot of caution, and you can descent the rock until you reach the tiny river that goes directly to the ocean through a small gap. 

Puerto Escondido is a picturesque hidden gem, that offers adventure travelers an extra exciting experience. When the tide is low, you can go down the rope following the river, landing on a secret beach that’s always empty. If you do so, make sure you count the tides good, and you climb back on time. 

This is definitely one of the most magical places that you can visit on Ecuadorian Coast, perfect for camping under the stars, on the top of the hill.



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