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Relax in the beaches of Kish Island

If you are looking for a unique exotic destination that nobody goes to because they have never heard, then check out the outstanding Kish Island located in the Persian Gulf in Iran. Kish Island is around 180 miles away from Dubai, and it displays pristine beaches, coral reefs, and relaxed Islamic rules. Kish Island is not a new touristic spot as it is known since the 1970s but it is definitely not a hot spot for American tourists who usually prefer to relax near home, in Mexico. 

However, if you can travel far and explore different corners of the world, then this gem will blow your mind with its natural beauty and touristic attractions. 

Palm tree-lined boulevards, modern hotels, shopping malls, and beautiful buildings make for a perfect escape in Iran that we've never imagined. And, if you are looking for an ultimate exotic beach spot, then wait until you see the pristine beaches on Kish Island. 

Although most of the western tourists are attracted to Iran's enchanting ancient cities and don't pay too much attention to its beaches, this island is an excellent example of a true beach haven. 

As a matter of fact, in the last five years, there forty new luxurious hotels were built on the island, which means the number of visitors is rising constantly. 

Kish Island's beaches are a great way of experiencing Iran from a different perspective and learning a lot about this beautiful country. Vacationing here is safe and the local people are friendly. 

The number of international flights is also rising, so Kish Island is slowly but surely becoming a top-class travel destination for people who enjoy luxury and flawless intact beaches. 

If you can afford to travel to this part of the world, then don't miss the opportunity to visit one of the most spectacular islands in the world that we gonna hear about more in the future.



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