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Rhodope Mountain

Some of the most stunning and picturesque locations in Bulgaria are located in the Rhodope Mountain. Lush meadows in improbable nuances of green alternate with dark coniferous forests, steep cliffs and picturesque canyons. If there is a destination, which is well worth travelling by using each tourist in each season of the year, then this is sincerely the Rhodope mountain. The mountain spreads on a big territory and occupies a giant phase of Central South Bulgaria. It is conditionally divided into Western and Eastern Rhodope.

The West phase of the Rhodope mountain is higher, and the greater peaks, gorges and caves are targeted inthis area. The East Rhodope mountain is characterized with the aid of lower relief. The Rhodope mountain lacks the excessive pinnacle and alphine reliefs which are ordinary for Rila and Pirin mountains. It is additionally properly recognized that the mountain had now not been frozen during the Ice Age. In the western part of the Rhodope mountain the climate is mountainous, but on the eastern part it is softened by the heat air currents of the Mediterranean, added via the river valleys.

The Rhodope mountain is one of the most favoured destinations for iciness tourism – two ski motels – Pamporovo and Chepelare – are situatedright here at a distance of only 10 km. During the summer season the Rhodope mountain is an exceptionally fantastic place for hiking and biking. The natural landmark and The Wonderful Bridges are situated in close proximity to Chepelare. It had grew to become into one of the sumbols of the mountain.

The nicely developed United States tourism in the Rhodope mountain is a very suitable alternative for acquaintance with the local tradition and cuisine. People in the location are hospitable, and when staying in some of the U.S. houses, friends will truly have the choice to style a range Rhodope dishes, such as the famend Patatnik, Cheverme, Smilyan Beans, etc. Some of the villages which are the most desired by tourists are Shiroka Laka, Gela, Mogilitsa, Kovachevista, Leshten, Arda, Trigrad, Momchilovtsi, Orehovo, Smilyan and many others.

The tour of the Rhodope landmarks consists of passing thru the staggering Trigrad Gorge and Buynovo Gorge. Three unique caves are placed in the region of the two gorges – the Devil’s Cave, Haramyiska Cave and yagodinska Cave, which are available for visits.

Besides the villages, the Rhodope towns additionally provide very suitable accommodation options. Some of the most popular Bulgarian balneological and SPA inns – Velingrad and Devin – are also positioned in the Rhodope mountain. The mixture of recuperation mineral water and the smooth mountain air has been attracting people to these lands for lots of years. A vacation in a SPA resort can be blended with cultural tourism – the museum in Smolyan, Chepelare, Batak, Zlatograd, Kardzhali preserve the history of the area and the special nearby culture.

In order to get definitely acquainted with the nearby customs and culture, you have to go to the Rhodope mountain for the duration of some of the fairs and celebrations. The Rhozhen gathering has a hundred years of history. Each 4th year in August, Bulgarians from all components of the country come below the Rhozhen peak for a gathering, the place singers and performers sing and play music on a wide variety of stages. The overall performance of the a hundred Rhodope Bagpipes orchestra is distinctly impressive.

According to a centuries old tradition, each year in the beginning of August, on the Ilinden meadows with the aid of the Rhodope village of Gela local families acquire and celebrate, play music, sing and dance. The culture has been discovered to the existing day and it preserves the song variety of the Rhodope mountain. The goal of the pageant is to popularized the authentic Rhodope folklore.



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