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Experience the Rhône Glacier

The Rhône Glacier is a glacier in the Swiss Alps and the source of the river Rhône and one of the primary contributors to Lake Geneva in the far eastern end of the Swiss canton of Valais.

Tens of thousands of tourists have come to see the unique mountain panorama around the Rhone Glacier since the opening of the modern-day Furka pass road 150 years ago. They are parking at the Hotel Belvédère today and walking about 200 meters to the ice grotto entrance, which is pre-drilled every year. The glacier looks whitish-gray, but it glows in magically beautiful blue shades inside the 100 m long tunnel and the ice chamber.

 Take a moment to see the glacier that used to be much larger just 20-30 years ago and you'll know the climate is changing. You see how, to reduce sunlight, the glacier is partially covered with white blankets. The view is still beautiful, even harsh. If you don't want to pay and walk on the glacier, take a small hiking trail from the right side of the parking lot, and you have a beautiful view over the glacier without the possibility of walking on it.


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