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Rock Climbing Cima Capi

This is quite an unusual route is one of the easiest ones but it drives you through beautiful scenery. Its difficulty is only "A" but you have to walk and climb 900m height. The route needs 6 hours but you can reach other summits too from Susatti via ferrata so you can spend more time. If you just leave Riva del Garda to Limone on the western coast of Lake Garda you can find a small bridge above the car-route before the first tunnel. If you can see a white arrow shaped table with red-white mark, "405 F.Susatti via ferrata" title you are at the right place. :-) The table mentions the via ferrata is 3 hours far from here. Follow the direction that the table shows and go on the 405 trail. After some tunnels you will see another F.Susatti via ferrata table at a steep, narrow track. The track is well marked so you should follow the red-white marks and delectate the beautiful scenery. You can see the whole northern part of Lake Garda, Monte Baldo, the northern towns: Riva, Torbole, Arco, etc. OR You can see a helicopter landing zone with a white H a little bit further on the ridge. Go to this direction (it is marked with usual red-white marks somewhere only with a red point). After 20 minutes walking you will find a junction you can choose Foletti via ferrata, other trekking routes to other summits or you can go away on F.  


Rock Climbing Rock Climbing
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