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Rodriguez Pass to Cliff pass

One of the hardest one day loops in Blue Mountains. Hike time 7-8 hours. .From the top of the track to the junction at the bottom of the gully where the track crosses Greaves Creek at the end of the Grand Canyon, it is a comfortable 30 minute walk. There is only one track, so real opportunity to get lost. The condition of the track at the top, just below the lookout, is diabolical. It is significantly eroded and poorly maintained, and might be classified as dangerous in poor conditions. This contrasts significantly with the lower two-thirds of the descent, which was worked on in recent years to vastly improve the steps by inserting heavy sandstone blocks, including blocks for stepping stones across the several creek crossings. Due to the lower level of people on this track, there is more wildlife to see. If you walk down just after dawn you will be unlucky not to see at least one lyrebird. At the waterfalls there are many water dragons, and they are more likely to stop and stare at you for a while than run away. There are also many yabbies - bright orange - in the creek. The really keen walkers continue on this track through the Pass and then ascend up to Govetts Leap. This is solid afternoon's hike. From the junction below Evans Lookout, Beauchamp Falls is reached in about 15 minutes. The last major waterfall, Campbells, is reached in another 15-20 minutes.


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