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RSPB Bempton Cliffs birds

It's a true Gem. On the spectacular shoreline of Yorkshire, the Bempton Cliffs Reserve is home to one of the UK's top wildlife spectacles. Between March and October, approximately half a million seabirds gather here to raise a family on towering chalk cliffs overlooking the North Sea.


Free parking and entrance fee of £ 4.00. You can bring in your dog. Excellent walk with Birds ' brilliant viewing points around the Cliffs. You don't have to be a "twitcher" to appreciate the wonder of the RSPB Reserve's array of sea birds; it's really incredible. The visitor center is very detailed and well-designed to provide images of birds nesting close to CCTV.

To walk the brief distance to the viewing platforms, you must drag yourself away from the screen. From there, together with their interactions on the cliff faces, you can see distinctive flying displays from a broad variety of sea birds that are almost within touching range. The RSPB has been especially cautious to allow users of wheelchairs access to viewing platforms and the region is appropriate for buggies. For the whole family, an pleasant and educational day out.


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