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Drive in Musical Highway

It's not a very adventures trip but if  happen to be heading eastbound on Route 66 toward Tijeras, there is a section of rumble strip with a very unique capability: it plays “America the Beautiful” when traveling at 45 MPH. The National Geographic funded the “Route 66 Musical Road” project, which simply delights travelers of all ages. The rumble strip is located on the road (not on the shoulder of the road), so there is no need to go reckless driving. To get there from Albuquerque, travel east on I-40 and take exit 170. Drive east about 3.5 miles on Hwy 333/Route 66. You will see a blue and white “Musical Road” sign between mileposts 4 and 5. The rumble strip will appear shortly thereafter. The rumble strip is only for traffic on the eastbound side.


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