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Camping in Sani Pass. SA

Sani Pass is easily one of the most beautiful places I've been to. You can take a guided ride in a comfortable 4 x 4 and see the breathtaking passage from South Africa to Lesotho. Move from the 21st century to the ancient world of shepherds, basket weavers and people living in primitive conditions. Lesotho on average the highest country in Africa. The last few kms of road to the border is quite bad and that alone will turn away most sedans. Once you stamp your passport you go onto the main pass. which is 8kms long. The first 5-6kms is relatively easy but the last bit is extremely steep with a never ending series of switchbacks /hairpins climbing the mountain. Engage 2 wheel drive before the first hairpin. At the top don't forget to stamp your passport then turn right to the Sani Top Chalets where you can have some refreshments or stay over. Views are spectacular. In 2014 I drove up and in 2012 I walked up with friends and both experiences were worth every moment. When descending, be very careful and slow and use your low range or descent control. Be wary of other vehicles. Go soon as they are starting to tar the pass and it will no longer be the same.


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