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Winter Creek Santa Anita Canyon

Hike took about 4 1/2 hours round trip but we took lots of break and lots of pictures and had lunch by the waterfall . The Waterfall was awesome . You can pay 10 dollars to park or park along the hill on the way up. There are plenty of shade and water near by. There are multiple waterfalls and campgrounds on the way. I took the trail off to mt wilsons peak just to add some mileage to the hike and the trail was all switchbacks but with great views! When you hike back on the winter river trail make sure to take the upper way back to the flats that way you don't have to walk up that paved road again! Paid the 10 to park but not sure how comfortable I was with parking , there was no tag or ticket given and you left your keys sitting on your driver side tire. Kinda weird but I guess it works . Other then that great day. Highly recommend . Easy and beautiful


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