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Seljavallalaug Hidden Pool in Iceland

Seljavallalaug (e.g. Seljvavellir pool) is one of those locations many Iceland tourists ignore because they're busy checking out all the southern highlights on their Been There Done That list. It is tucked in a narrow valley under the notorious Eyjafjallajökull and still standing is the earliest pool in Iceland. It was constructed in 1923  by a local man and the purpose was to teach the Icelandic people how to swim!.

To get to this awesome location you have to take a brief but simple walk to achieve the Seljavallalaug swimming pool. Gather your stuff and plan for a walk into the hills once you park your vehicle at the Seljavallalaug parking garage. Depending on how quick you are, the range is about 2 miles round journey 1.8 K each way and lasts about 20 minutes each route. The hike to the Seljavallalaug Pool is flat at all the time, but you have to walk slower so that you don't bend your ankle.The changing rooms at Seljavallalaug Pool are absolutely disgusting like you have never seen before. There are piles of old rotting wet clothing that people left behind. Piles of garbage. Mud caked on every possible piece of the floor. (sorry to burst your bubble) 

The temperature of Seljavallalaug is between  20° to 30°C or 68 to 86°F. Think of Seljavallalaug as a heated swimming pool more than a hot tub. This Pool is washed only once a year and demonstrates water quality. The entire bottom of the pool is covered with floating clumps of algae in a 1-2 cm dense coating of algae and the water is black. So dip in to the water at your own risk! 


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