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Ski to Goc Mountain

Goč is a popular hiking and mountaineering destination and the village Goč is a small ski resort. The skiing area is equipped with a single-seater ski lift and the longest slope is 1,500 m long and 40 m wide.[3] The skiing area is located on the mountain Krst (Serbian Cyrillic: Крст) with an elevation of 1,123 m (3,684 ft).Besides winter sports, many other sports such are hiking and mountaineering and recreational activities are practiced on Goč Mountain. There are 2 ski-tracks for beginners with 2 ski lifts and two ski-tracks of 1150 and 1400 meters with the height level of about 350 meters. Goč Mountain is also known for its cultural-historical monuments, such as “Roman Cemetery” where German Saxon coal-miners had been exploiting iron and lead ore in the Medieval times of the Nemanjić Dynasty. In this area there are beautiful Medieval monasteries of Drenca, Rudenica and Melentija built in Morava architectural style and the beautiful Medieval fortified town of Koznik, dominating from a top of a mountain peak 922 meters high. Thanks to its centuries-old tradition of wine growing in the close vicinity there are numerous Zupa wineries and wine cellars which produce superb wines. Visit to those wine cellars is strongly recommended and always part of our tours visiting this beautiful part of Serbia.


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