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Mirror Lake Trail

If you are looking for an easy pleasant hike on a wide unobstructed road head over to Mirror Lake.  It's basically 2 miles of peaceful walking and you can even bring your baby in the stroller to enjoy the views. We really enjoyed this hike! You pass by such pretty sceneries. The ending is such a reward because Mirror Lake is definitely so breathtaking! Went during the winter so it was definitely cold but there were times where I had to take my jacket off because it got warm haha (layer people!) The hike itself is pretty, with lots of trees and waterfalls you can take a break and have a photosesh. Reaching mirror lake definitely felt like a reward because of how beautiful it looks. A quick tip, have a little picnic when you reach mirror lake, definitely feels very rewarding! Don't let a snake sighting deter you though. We saw plenty of deer and their fawns too.  


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