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Winter Snowshoeing trip to Sněžka

Being the tallest mountain of Czech Rep, Snezka is a popular spot if visiting Czech Rep for a longer time or coming from Germany or Poland. A new Chair lift that runs from the parking lot (actually about 1 km from the parking lot to the start of the lift) to Ruzova Hora and second part runs from Ruzova Hora to Snezka. (if you are walking from the parking lot take a path that runs through the forest on the left side of the road- no cars and more shade). Just before the lift reaches the top it runs close the the edge of a cliff and it is REALLY windy there all year round. If the wind is stronger than 60 km/h the lift only runs to Ruzova Hora (for safety reasons). So if you want to make sure it will run all the way book couple days in the area just in case. And be ready to WAIT. The line ups for the chair lift are really long - 60-90 mins being normal. So unless your health stops you, go for it and climb to the top! There are 3 ways up - the one from Ruzova hora is probably the easiest one (unless you hate stairs - it has 362 of them!). My 6 year old daughter made it no problem ! The view from the top is incredible - esp. on a bright sunny day. Our favourite way down is through Lucni Bouda, Vyrovka and then down to Pec pod Snezkou. Fastest way is to Obri bouda and then through Obri dul back to Pec. All routes are quite rocky so good shoes are a must even if you take the lift up and want to just "walk down". P.S. I don't recommend the restaurants at the top, they are nothing special and expensive. If you fancy a pint of beer, choose the one on the Czech side - cheaper and better beer there.


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