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See world's largest cave,Hang Sơn Đoòng

Son Doong Cave is located in central Vietnam province of Quang Binh, in the heart of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. Only recently explored by the British Cave Research Association in 2009-2010, since 2013, Son Doong Cave has been only open to the public.

To date, all research and tourist expeditions have been organized and led by Oxalis, a local adventure tour company, in partnership with the British Cave Research Association and with permission from the Vietnam government. 

Some treks in the world are all about the journey and not just the destination. Son Doong is a world ahead on both the journey and the incredible destination. There are no adequate words to prepare you for the beauty of the caves. Pictures cannot do it true justice either in my opinion. You have to be there to understand that. 

You will have moments that are surreal, and they will blow your mind!  We had to climb ropes, cross endless rivers, get dirty in the mud and walked for hours every day. However, the scenery and views were so rewarding! Nothing can be compared to this experience. It was like a journey to the center of the earth. A raw and pure gem. 


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