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Ruckel Ridge Ruckel Creek Loop Trail

This is by far one of the toughest hikes I have done. If you want a great leg workout, this one is for you. The hardest part of the trail though is that it is straight up and then straight down. The peak is the only flat part so eat lunch and rest there!. The downhill at the end is honestly one of the most painful parts of a hike I've done. After the brutal climb up, constantly holding yourself back from running downhill takes a serious toll on your knees. Be sure to wear tight shoes and socks to as any shifting in your shoes will lead to brutal blisters. Consider this a hike purely to challenge yourself physically with a few good views early on in the hike. The last 2/3rds of it are purely just a test of willpower and endurance rather than scenic views and scenic hiking outside of being in treed mountain side.


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