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Spend a day in Jardin Majorelle

Morocco’s fourth-largest city is, in a word – frenetic. A dissonance of sounds, a flurry of activity.  French painter Louis Majorelle created these botanical gardens with their timeless appeal of Parisian beauty and the charm of Marrakech in the 1920s. This 12-acre palm grove is a site to witness. 

The botanical garden around the Majorelle’s Art Deco Villa and Studio came to be an inspiration for landscape designers all over the globe and an excellent resource for garden design. Jardin Majorelle was later owned by Yves Saint Laurent, who requested his ashes must be scattered on its grounds upon his death, so captivating was its beauty. If you detect a touch of fashion in the colors that grow there, that’s from the hand of designer Yves Saint Laurent, who (along with his partner) bought and restored the gardens in 1980. 


First of all, if you are planning a trip to the Jardin Majorelle, get to the location before 10.00 AM. After 10.00 AM, there is a huge queue, and the garden area is busy with tourists getting in the way of your Instagram photoshoot. The entry fee is 100DHS and a further 80DHS if you want to visit the YSL museum. Overall the garden consists of universal plant species with fountains and Koi fish ponds. We were very impressed with the vibrant color scheme enhanced by the Moroccan sunshine. When the sun rays fell on the exotic trees, it cast a blissful vibe. The energetic essence of the garden made it the perfect place to strike a pose for Instagram, leaving your friends and family in envy. When roaming the Jardin Majorelle, there isn’t an ambiance of standing within an establishment of an iconic fashion brand. The Jardin lacks the iconic Saint Laurent Monogram. While exiting the establishment, be sure to engrave your name on the bamboo plant.


The museum is educational and fascinating in all areas. The garden, with its extraordinary varieties of bamboo and exotic plants in brightly colored pots, is delightful to walk around, providing cooling shade most of the way around.



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