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Spend a summer in the golden sands of Voidokilia Lagoon in Greece

Voidokilia is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, and its name means "cow's belly". The reason for its weird name comes from the shape of the bay that has two rocky promontories. The beach sits beneath the ancient cave of King Nestor, who used the cave as a shelter for his cattle and Palaiokastro castle. The lagoon of Voidokilia was formed by the currents in Navarino Bay that carry a lot of sediment that ends up forming a crystal clear lagoon. The beach itself is a beautiful stretch of golden sand where you can spend an epic vacation, swimming in the same waters described in the Odyssey. 

On the south side of Voidokilia, you can visit the ancient medieval castle from the 13th century, known as Palaiokastro. It only takes a 20-minute walk to get to the castle, and the views from the venue are spectacular. 

The closest town to Voidokilia beach is Pylos, only 10 miles away, while Athens is about 220 miles away. The lagoon of Voidokilia is one of the top favorite vacation spots for people who are looking for a hidden getaway full of antic history and myths. 

Spending a holiday on the same spot where Odyssey arrived to visit the wise King Nestor and ask him for advice on how to win the war is more than just a summer adventure. Visiting this place is much more than just relaxing in the sand. It is more like learning and discovering the ancient world full of wars, intrigues, and genius rulers. 

In the end, if you are not interested in the historical part of this marvelous spot, just enjoy the golden sand and pretend that you are a Hellenic hero that's about to conquer the world. 

Good luck, and have fun in the warm and shallow waters of Voidokilia. 



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