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Hike in Mission Peak Loop

A nice hike with 2000 ft elevation while the entire loop is around 6 miles. The entire hike takes 2.5 to 3 hrs with few short brakes. That being said, it's a fun uphill hike that takes about 1.5-ish hours to get to the top if you're going at a steady pace, and an hour of speed walking to get back down. The top can get pretty rocky, so watch your step. Don't piss off the cows, and try to get here in the early morning. Being a light jacket because it can get really windy at the very top! You get a great panoramic view of the bay up there--it's well worth the trip!Make sure carry enough water because you are not going to hike in woods with shades of tall trees. Also be cautious while you are retiring from summit because it is steep because I saw at least 5 people slipping on the trial.


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