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Stinson Beach Trail

It's packed on special summer days usually but there's always room, if you have balance and are somewhat athletic I'd suggest exploring the rock area to the left, I usually do when I go and yes I have busted my ass a few times falling on clam rocks and that hurts a lot lmao, but there's little coves over there you can snag some nice photos if you're quick enough. You can see starfish on the rocks it's pretty amazing. There's food shacks on arrival here but bringing your own is recommended, pets are allowed from what I see, and parking can be a pain but just get here early on holidays, bbq areas by parking, I usually always see them occupied.


Chilling Chilling
Walking Walking


Accepts Credit Cards Accepts Credit Cards
Bike Parking Bike Parking
Dog friendly Dog friendly
Child Friendly Child Friendly
Food Nearby Food Nearby
Handicap Accessible Handicap Accessible
Hotel Nearby Hotel Nearby
Parking Parking
Picnic Area Picnic Area
Restrooms Restrooms
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