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Rollright Stones (hike)

The Rollright Stones are regularly labelled as one of the top ten stone circles in Britain. This makes them essential viewing if you have even a passing interest in prehistoric and Bronze Age monuments. Once located, and this was quite difficult - there are two lay-by areas for parking next to The King's Men stone circle, and is in close proximity to the King Stone (across the road) and about 350 metres from The Whispering Knights burial chamber. The entire area is surrounded by stunning countryside and is best viewed on a clear and sunny day. The monuments were made with limestone so weather has eroded the stones and created numerous holes and cavities. This makes them quite different from most other stone circles. If you have a dog please note that signs state they must be kept on a lead and are allowed close to the circle - but not inside it. Nearby is Wyatt's Farm shop with a restaurant that serves light snacks and lunches.


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