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Polish Tatras, Swinica

Many of the tourists to the southern region of Poland and Krakow end up in Zakopane, the small town at the foot of the Tatra Mountains. Some hike (or take a horse cart trip) up the simple and boring path to the most popular landmark in Polish mountains-Morskie Oko lake that is certainly scenic and lovely, but so overcrowded that it can get really annoying.



First, you need to get to Zakopane. For more details, take a look at my post about this town here.

From Zakopane city center (near the train station), take a mini bus to Kuznice (it shouldn't cost more than 1 EUR/1.25 USD) - the lower cable car station for Kasprowy Wierch. When you get off the bus, do not take the overpriced cable car to the top (although you could also get to Swinica Peak and Dolina Gasienicowa from Kasprowy Wierch).

Nevertheless, there is no point to do that as you would have to hike a lot anyway, and the views are better from the normal walking trail. All the trails in the Polish mountains are very well marked and each trail has a different color (which does not represent the difficulty).


The Dolina Gasienicowa path-Zawrat-Swinica peak First, you have to get to Zakopane. Look at my article about this city here for more information. Take a mini bus to Kuznice from Zakopane town centre (near the train station) (it should not cost more than EUR 1/1.25 USD)-the lesser Kasprowy Wierch cable car station. Do not bring the overpriced cable car to the top when you get off the bus (although you could get from Kasprowy Wierch to Swinica Peak and Dolina Gasienicowa as well).


However, there's no point in doing that because you'd have to walk a lot anyway, and the opinions are better from the ordinary walking trail. All paths are very well labeled in the Polish hills and each path has a distinct colour (which is not the difficulty). A comprehensive map of all the paths can be found here.


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