Hiking to the Tamolitch Pool


AWAYN IMAGE Hiking to the Tamolitch Pool
AWAYN IMAGE Hiking to the Tamolitch Pool
AWAYN IMAGE Hiking to the Tamolitch Pool
AWAYN IMAGE Hiking to the Tamolitch Pool

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Easy hike. Really beautiful walk along the creek/river. Blue pool was a deep blue. The trail IS VERY  easy to navigate, SINCE it's so well-paved. We could run into a lot of mountain bikers on the way. Keep your dog on a leash. Sometimes, the trail gets pretty narrow and it's easier to pull your dog to the side on a leash if there's an oncoming biker or if you're crossing paths with another dog. In order to get where you can cliff jump or down to where you can dip your feet into the water, you eventually have to go off the trail and onto some sketchy rocks. From there, if you keep going along the edge, you'll find the trail that takes you down next to the water. This was the only part of the hike that had some drastic incline and required extra caution. I should also mention that the views on the drive from Bend are awesome. Three Sisters are constantly off to your left until you hit the town of Sisters - aptly named - while you drive along the 20, and Mt. Jefferson can be seen in the distance as well in the direction that you're heading.

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