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Hike in Tanque Verde Falls

Beautiful trail. On the first outing, I only made it to the lower falls, but still beautiful. There was a short, kind of rough trail that went right to the wash/stream and I just followed that up. Definitely need to pay attention to the weather if you're doing this, as the flash floods that occur during monsoons can be very dangerous and at certain points the canyon walls are very steep and would be difficult to get out of quickly. Don't know if this is typical, but we did run into two nudists at the lower falls, so something to be aware of. You can navigating your own path over slick, slippery boulders and deep brush and you'll be well rewarded by the sheer beauty of the deep diving pools, waterfalls etc. The diving holes vary from 10 feet. to the extreme 70+ feet, which I have seen few people attempt. The water is lukewarm, like a bathtub and is you have the nerve, jumping is an exciting way to cool yourself off. Just beware that during the middle of the monsoon rainy season, this little treasure becomes repopulated by drunk teens and of course other hikers. I'm a photographer and I swear every picture I took was more amazing than the last. Gorgeous vistas-only issue about this hiking trail is you'll spend more time climping over huge boulders and scaling steep inclines as opposed to traditional trail hiking, but that's what i love about tanque verde falls-its unique and gorgeous and very private. No restrooms, or bike trails, and cell phone service comes and goes so be on the lookout for danger...after a day here, you'll see how amazing AZ is when you add water!. Overall, a great place that offers some beautiful sunset views and great swimming.


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