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See The medieval city of Pula

If Rome has a Colosseum, Pula can surely compete with its magnificent Amphitheatre. With its numerous monuments dating back to the Roman period, this charming city is sometimes called Little Rome. 

Amazing archways and ancient colonnades are crowns that will lead you to the historic old town filled with narrow, cobbled streets. For a complete city experience, wander around medieval alleyways full of colorful shops and various souvenirs. Find refreshments in one of the amazing restaurants or open-air bars while absorbing a relaxed atmosphere. If you are more of a beach fan, Pula won’t let you down with its shimmering beaches and crystal clear water. Head to Cape Kamenjak, a great spot surrounded by cliffs and rock formations, and a popular diving spot or choose Verudela Peninsula with beautiful beaches favored among families with children and those seeking peaceful beach time in a pebble bay surrounded by luscious vegetation.

However, when the time for sightseeing comes, prepare for a blast of beautiful scenes. Forum, an impressive setting is also the city’s main square where you can enjoy many cultural events and concerts, especially during the summer months. Here you will also find the Temple of Augustus, a perfectly proportioned two-thousand-year-old temple. If you continue to explore the area, observe the interesting local lifestyle and let yourself be fascinated by stunning architecture, monuments and museums glimmering in the sun. So, don’t forget to take your camera and capture the moment because Pula is definitely one of those Insta-worthy places!



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