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Hike to Cairngorm National Park

If you love the outdoors, history of towns and castles and whiskey..come to the Cairngorms! Cairngorms National Park is a national park in northeast Scotland and one of the most exquisite places in the United Kingdom. The park is considered to be Britain's highest landmass. The walking paths take you through the pine woods and gorges, over streams and mountainsides covered with heather, gorse and other highland plant life. There are reindeer herds, the possibility for a swim (if you're so inclined) in the Loch Morlich, or you can take a ride with the funicular railway or just wander around. There is also a good restaurant at the top and the mountain is apparently a skiing destination in Winter. I heard that even in Summer you shall bring several layers of clothing because the weather on the mountain can change rapidly and you can go from comfortable sunshine to cold wind and rain in nothing flat. Also, as the locals tell it, snow storms can happen in May as well, so come prepared.


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