To Sua Ocean Trench


AWAYN IMAGE To Sua Ocean Trench
AWAYN IMAGE To Sua Ocean Trench
AWAYN IMAGE To Sua Ocean Trench
AWAYN IMAGE To Sua Ocean Trench

Activities: SwimmingSwimming

Amenities: Picnic Area Picnic Area


O-SuaTM is situated in Samoa on the southeastern coast of the island of Upolu. Its beautiful tropical gardens surround it. This rare ocean beauty is the result of Salati & Samuga Petelo Fiame's hard work (inset below). They developed the usually bushy family land and revealed one of the great "To-Sua" wonder worlds that literally means a giant swimming hole. It is 30 meters deep and is accessible to a platform through a sturdy wooden ladder from which swimmers jump or dive into the crystal-clear tropical fish-populated water. The pool is fed through a cave that leads to the ocean washing in refreshingly cool water (recommended only to swim through skilled divers). 

If you have fear of hight then forget it but the trips up and down the ladder aren't as scary as I thought it would be and would have to be one of the most amazing places I have ever been. Simply stunning. Well, set up with ropes to hold on to and help you through the tunnels if you wish to go through. Beware of jumping off of the ladder or the platform as the water is not as deep as it may seem. 

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