Autum in Tokuyama Dam


AWAYN IMAGE Autum in Tokuyama Dam
AWAYN IMAGE Autum in Tokuyama Dam
AWAYN IMAGE Autum in Tokuyama Dam

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The Tokuyama Dam is a dam near Ibigawa, district of Ibi, Japan's Gifu Prefecture. The dam was completed in 2008 and is expected to be fully operational in 2015 to support a 153 MW hydroelectric power station. Unit 1 was commissioned in May 2014 at 23 MW. Originally, the dam was intended to withhold a 400 MW pumped-storage power station's upper reservoir until a change in design in 2004. The dam is also intended for water supply and flood control. It is the largest dam in Japan by structural volume and also retains the largest reservoir in the country by volume. 

The Tokuyama Dam (徳山ダム ) is an embankment dam near Ibigawa, Ibi District, Gifu Prefecture in Japan.  Tokuyama dam has been called Japan's largest dam and it's about one and a half hours from Meishin Ogaki IC. During the Autum time I was able to enjoy the autumn colors and it's incredible reflection on the lake. Enjoy the silence and the light.  Just a few notes that 1: Campfire is prohibited. 2: Over night stay or camp , tent at "Beach" is prohibited. 徳山ダムは日本最大級のダムと呼ばれています。この時期は徳山ダムに向かう間、紅葉ドライブを楽しむことができました。徳山ダムでもダム湖にうつる紅葉もとても綺麗でした!管理所でダムカードをもらえました。

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