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Surfing in Torrey Pines State Reserve

The beach is a state park; from the cliffs inland is a preserve. The distinction is one of protection...preserves are set aside to protect rare landforms and eating, dogs, off trail. At low tide, combine both in a magical loop. Along the beach are wonderful sandstone cliffs with nesting peregrine falcon and fossilized oyster beds and carbonized trees. By Flat Rock, tide pools hold a wide variety of life. Up the beach trail, cut through sandstone canyons to bluff-top vistas. Coastal Sage Scrub and chaparral mingle with the rare Torrey Pine. Up above, the historic lodge holds a museum as great for children as adults. Look for one of three hundred docents, each eager to share information about this special place. If you can, avoid weekends; this is the third most attended park in the state!   No dogs are allowed ;'(


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